Our Clients

Business Owners

We help business owners and investors protect your investment by using sophisticated tax strategies and asset protection planning.

Real Estate Investors

We help investors who own residential or commercial rental properties protect your investment by using customized tax strategies and asset protection planning.

New Business Ventures

We advise new business ventures on entity formation, stock options plan, employment structure, corporate governance, and director/officer liability, etc.  We also provide ongoing business and tax advisory services.

Individuals and Families

We help individuals and families secure the financial future of their loved ones by using estate planning strategies that are tailored to their goals and priorities.

U.S. Residents with Foreign Assets

The IRS has emphasized compliance in reporting for U.S. citizens/green card holders of their foreign accounts and assets.  We provide counseling for families with foreign assets to understand what they need to do to be compliant.

Foreign Investors

We help foreign investors and their advisors understand the nuance and complexity of tax rules and provide advisory services in structuring their U.S. investments.