Hidden Risks Scorecard – Do You Have an Estate Plan that Works?

Our Estate Planning Process

Initial Consultation

1. What is the purpose of an initial consultation?

2.  Do I need to sign a contract before the initial consultation?

3.  Do you keep the information I share during the initial consultation confidential?

4.  Do you offer legal opinions during the initial consultation?

5.  Will attorney-client relationship be established as a result of the initial consultation?

6.  Following the initial consultation, if I want to retain Yuan Law Firm APC, do we need to sign a contract?

7. Is the initial consultation free of charge?

8.  Can I have more than one complimentary consultation?

9.  Can I record the consultation so that I can listen/view later?

10.  Who should attend the initial consultation?

11.  How to prepare for the initial consultation?

12.  What to bring to the initial consultation?

13.  Where are your offices?

14.  Is there access to an elevator?

15.  What if I need to reschedule the initial consultation?

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